Get Your Puppy Adjusted and Settled with Puppy Training on the Gold Coast

Are you looking for a puppy training school on the Gold Coast area? Look no further than GC Dog Training; we come to your home for one-on-one puppy training on the Gold Coast. Our principal trainer, Matt, has completed Steven and Vicki Austin’s Puppy Class Instructor’s Course as well as obtaining their Dog Training and Behaviour Certificate. We use classical conditioning and operant conditioning training methods to achieve results based on your dog’s needs by creating a fun and friendly environment for you and your family to engage with your dog.

Benefits of Puppy Obedience Training on the Gold Coast

Like children, puppies require constant, positive guidance and patience to help them grow into happy, well-behaved dogs. Training your puppy to behave appropriately, both at home, and when out and about, will prevent any unnecessary stress for both the puppy and owner. A well behaved, happy puppy that understands you and works with you, will promote a cheerful bond between puppy and owner resulting in a loving companionship. 

  • Working with your puppy regularly, helps you learn to understand their needs, providing an excellent learning environment and opportunity to bond. It’s also great exercise for you both! A well-behaved puppy that understands that walking ‘with’ you is the exercise is far easier to take on walks or other outings compared to a pup that reacts to anything and everything.
  • Being able to communicate successfully with your puppy using voice commands will make it easier for you to protect them and keep them safe should they find themselves in a situation where they are unrestrained. For example, if the front door is left open and they find themselves out in the street – a strong recall could save them from a traffic accident with a car or motorbike. 
  • Our in-home puppy classes for the Gold Coast area will help your young dog understand boundaries and behave correctly in social situations with people and other animals. This training will also help people and other animals feel more comfortable around your puppy. A puppy who handles social situations appropriately and confidently will make it easier for anyone else who may need to look after your pup in your absence. 
  • A well-behaved puppy will have better interactions with other dogs, experience less stress, and form a strong bond with you, its owner.

Problems We Address In Our Gold Coast Puppy School

Puppies that are left to figure things out for themselves can often learn that barking, nipping , mouthing, jumping and toileting inside are all totally acceptable activities.  In our view, these behaviours are bad and cause us to look unfavourably on our new pet.  But the puppy is simply doing things that result in more attention from you! Our puppy training classes address everything from the beginning. We offer one-on-one puppy training sessions, for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks, in the comfort of your own home. Interacting with your puppy in their environment makes it easy and fun to train your pup.  Our trainer will help you recognise problem behaviours and provide a plan to focus on all the good things that this special time needs.

  • Training your puppy to want to listen to, and understand your commands will help keep it safer from potentially dangerous conflict situations.  Situations like interacting with; other dogs; wild animals; or environmental hazards; leaving your yard and possibly getting lost; or running into the street where it could be hit or run over.
  • Training helps to teach your puppy acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in your home and garden. The earlier your puppy learns what inappropriate behaviour is, the less frustrated you will be, and you’ll also have fewer expenses due to replacing chewed items or destroyed plants. 
  • Spending regular and quality time with your puppy while you work on their training will establish rapport, a bond and connection between the two of you thatencourages the development of trust and understanding of one another. 
  • A puppy that has experienced good training trusts their owner more, and is comfortable being being around other people.  Training will also foster positive associations with tactile (touch) interactions which is a great help when going on visits to the vet. Your puppy needs to be comfortable with vet visits and check-ups from an early age to ensure the vet can treat overgrown nails, perform dental check-ups and treatment, and treat wounds without being at risk of being bitten or attacked.  Better yet – work on training your dog to actually enjoy their nails being done – and to enjoy the visits to the vet!  It is all possible with training

Why Trust GC Dog Training’s Puppy School on the Gold Coast

Our principal trainer Matt has over 13 years’ experience as an animal trainer, having worked closely with polar bears and seals at Sea World. Using his animal training experience and certification in puppy and dog training and behaviour, Matt loves seeing the progress his clients and their puppies make from following the plans he designs for them. 

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