One-on-One Behavioural Classes for Dogs on the Gold Coast

It is vital for both owner and pet that your dog is obedient and well-behaved; this will lead to a happier relationship and pleasant home environment. Many things can cause your dog to misbehave or appear out of character. Our GC Dog Training trainer provides in-home behavioural classes for your dog on the Gold Coast to identify and resolve these issues. Classes are for dogs above the age of of 4 months (16 weeks) , and we conduct them in the comfort of your own home, allowing us to observe them in their environment and create the best plan for your dog and your family. 

Benefits of Professional Behavioural Training for Dogs

A dog behaviourist works closely with you and your dog to modify the animal’s behaviour, resulting in a more socially acceptable animal. They could be aggressive or overly timid, and a behaviourist will provide you with the tools to help your dog adjust. A dog behaviourist uses their knowledge of psychology, physiology, and genetics to assess, manage and modify a dog’s negative behaviours through individualised training programmes.

  • If you are a first-time dog owner, it is advisable to have a few sessions with a dog trainer who can give you insight into understanding your pet and teach you what not to do. 
  • With their experience, they can determine the cause of specific behaviour in your dog and work with the animal to behave appropriately or to cope with the situation that is causing them to act up. 
  • A well-behaved and well-socialised dog is a pleasure to be around, and it will enable you to take your dog out without the stress of any confrontations with other dogs or people. It also makes it pleasant to allow your dog to spend time in your home and around guests, to truly be a part of the family. 

What You Can Expect from GC Dog Training Regarding a Behaviourist for Dogs

We help you to understand your dog, especially if you are a first-time owner or new to owning your breed of dog. We provide professional consultations in the comfort of your own home so we can see your dog’s behaviour in their environment and create a behavioural training programme suited to your dog. 

  • We offer puppy training for puppies under five months’ old. We provide you with an action plan of how to work with your pet to socialise them, teach them appropriate behaviour in the home and garden, and teach you how to read their body language. 
  • We focus on positive reinforcement and reward-based training in a safe and friendly environment and use classical and operant conditioning techniques in our training plans.
  • We will help you identify behavioural issues and work out plans to correct them. We help you to understand why your dog behaves in a particular way and improve trust and communication between owner and pet.

About GC Dog Training

Our principal trainer is a certified dog trainer with over 13 years’ experience as an animal trainer. Matt enjoys watching people and their dogs connect after working through the training plans he compiles for them. If your dog exhibits undesirable behaviour, dog training with our professional trainer, Matt, is the solution. 

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