Obedience, Socialisation and Rehabilitation Dog Training on the Gold Coast

You may not be able to speak to your dog, but through effective dog training on the Gold Coast, their understanding between favourable and unfavourable behaviour becomes easier to comprehend. At GC Dog Training, we work with dogs of all ages and breeds, to correct their problem behaviours, through a combination of classical conditioning and operant conditioning and reward-based training methods. 

Background to the Development of Obedience Training around the Gold Coast

There are multiple causes that result in your dog needing a dog trainer on the Gold Coast. Diagnosing the problem is the first step towards correcting behaviour patterns.

  • Instinctive behaviours for your dog include chewing and biting, digging, chasing, and rolling in the dirt. To your dog, these are natural activities that offer a sense of stress release and even enjoyment. For humans, these behaviours may seem uncomfortable and a nuisance. 
  • Humans often unknowingly encourage resource guarding, jumping on people and objects, begging for food, and clingy behaviour. If you don’t want your dog to jump on your guests, you can set clear boundaries for them to understand that this is not acceptable behaviour – OR – you can teach them better behaviours to do that result in better pay offs for them. It is also imperative that you provide comfort, safety, and food to your dog, so they don’t have to claim it for themselves.
  • Underlying health issues can often cause dogs to act out, show aggression, growl, and even bite. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, where they destroy the house when the owners aren’t home. Excessive notions like licking, vomiting and urinating in the house when they have access to the outdoors, can be signs of injury or illness.

The Importance of Dog Training School

Training your dog plays a critical part in their development and enables them to interact safely in their environments. 

  • Practical training plans by our Gold Coast dog trainer and behaviourist will provide you with the tools to provide your dog with mental stimulation, keeping your dog content. Combined with regular exercise, this will result in your dog being mentally and physically satisfied, allowing for efficient sleeping patterns, and less destructive behaviour at night. 
  • Reward-based training using positive reinforcement enhances the relationship between the owner and dog and is enjoyable for the animal. You can use rewards successfully in multiple forms, such as verbal praise or their favourite treat. Aim to ignore any unwanted behaviour. We work out these undesirable behaviours throughout the training period until the preferred behaviour becomes the norm. 
  • GC Dog Training helps you to create a calm and happy relationship between the you and your dog.  The and strengthened bond between you both will result in increased satisfaction from dog ownership 
  • Obedience classes train your dog basic and advanced commands and allow you more control. Simple commands such as sit and stay provide you and your dog with the tools to understand how to act in public appropriately, while still enjoying them. The knowledge they gain from dog training school enables owners to feel more relaxed when taking their dog into public areas, which evokes calmness on your dog too. 
  • A well-trained dog is much safer, not only for family and friends but for itself. Obedient dogs pose a lower risk of getting out into the road or getting into a fight with another dog, as we equip them with the knowledge to listen to their owner in risky situations. 
  • A social dog can interact with other animals in a friendly manner. When your dog gets along with other dogs, simple activities like outings, prove to be much more enjoyable for both owner and dog.
  • Training your dog ensures that they treat your home with respect. The chances of your dog urinating or chewing on your furniture are significantly decreased when they understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. 

An effective training regime establishes a deep connection between you and your dog. The time spent together enables both of you to set boundaries, share memorable experiences, and develop mutual respect for one another. Your dog learns to trust you, and your appreciation for them builds with each new milestone they reach. 

What You Can Expect from GC Dog Training Regarding a Dog Obedience School on the Gold Coast

We provide a variety of training programs catering to both your dog’s unique personality, and you and your lifestyle.

  • By offering house calls, we can observe your dog in their natural surroundings and formulate bespoke schedules based on their behaviour patterns as they engage with their environment. These one-on-one sessions allow us to work with you and your dog at their own pace and specifically focus on their areas of need. Home-based classes offer fewer initial distractions and allow an accurate diagnosis so you and your dog can meet your specific training goals. 
  • During your obedience sessions, we provide you with a personalised program you will continue to use moving forward. This program teaches you as well, enabling you to continue their training by reinforcing behaviour patterns you find desirable. 
  • We offer puppy training that equips you with learning and development techniques during their early socilisation period as well as behaviour training that will become a foundation for your dogs continued learning. Here we focus on your puppies introduction to training and develop concepts of optimism, independence and competence.  The behaviours and concepts they learn here are invaluable.  

Why You Should Use GC Dog Training

Whether you’re worried about your dog’s behaviour and want to focus on dog obedience, or you just want your puppy to get the best start to set them up for a great, socially successful life, we are ready to help! Contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss you and your dog or puppies needs.

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