Advanced Behavioural Training for Dogs to Help Your Dog Be Its Best

At GC Dog Training, we focus on advanced behavioural training for dogs for a calmer dog and happier owner. We help you work towards strengthening the bond you have with your life companion and set a foundation for good canine behaviour. No matter at what life stage your dog is in, we can help to resolve your concerns, transform undesirable/bad behaviour, and create a fun, exciting environment where you can strengthen your relationship.

What You Can Expect from GC Dog Training Regarding Problem Dog Training

Has your dog suddenly started to showcase unusual behaviour? Or have they recently adopted some bad habits? Maybe you have a puppy who struggling to figure out where they belong in your family? We offer one-on-one services to give your dog or puppy all the attention it needs to put its best paw forward.

  • When your puppy is between 8 to 16 weeks old, it is at just the right age to join us for our fun puppy training where we teach essential puppy skills and behaviour. 
  • Have you recently adopted a dog from a shelter nearby? It is sometimes impossible to determine what kind of treatment your dog had experienced in its life before finding you. It might be struggling with certain behavioural problems it had to learn in order to cope previously. Don’t stress or reject your new dog. Our rescue dog training focuses on addressing any kind of poor behaviour which might be the result of neglect or even abuse. If you are aware of any abuse in the dog’s life before you took them in, we recommend that you speak to us about our abused dog training before introducing it to other family pets or even young children. We can guide you through these introductions and set you up for as much success as possible, helping to reduce a range of potential future issues, and to ensure your dog has a happy and content life at its new home.
  • Sometimes shelter dogs can appear aggressive. It might be a reactive behaviour they had to adopt to feel safe and try to survive up until now. If you are now taking care of an aggressive dog, the same survival skills the dog has used to ensure its safety in a shelter will still be in its tool kit out of the shelter.  Understanding the time and care needed to work with these dogs is where GC Dog Training comes in. If you need help to acclimatise a dog like this we can help.

Benefits of GC Dog Training

Our service includes several unique features, making us a favoured option amongst many dog owners on the Gold Coast.


  • The service we offer is the result of years of experience working with all kinds of dogs and a passion for what we do. We take great joy from seeing how dogs can excel in their surroundings with their human families.
  • We do house calls and have a one-on-one session with your dog in its familiar environment 
  • We provide owners with tips and guidance to transform bad manners into good behaviour. 
  • We provide continued support via phone call and even video call following each session so you can trouble shoot while you continue your training journey outside of our session times.

Fast Facts About GC Dog Training

  • We’ve been helping dogs and their families to strengthen their bonds since 2017.
  • Our trainer has been a full-time polar bear and seal trainer at Sea World on the Gold Coast for the past 13 years.
  • We provide certified dog training and have several other courses to our name.
  • Our experience in training covers a wide range of behavioural challenges, and we have the knowledge and skill to address these successfully. 
  • We find unsurpassed fulfilment when we see dogs succeeding and connecting with their people.

Are you worried about your dog and the behaviour it portrays? Reach out to us and let’s transform your situation and give your dog the foundation it needs to excel.

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